More than 13,000+ forms completed

And 1.4 million+ data points collected

Digitise Your Data Collection

Use your existing document format

You likely already have existing PDF or Excel templates, and you want to keep them.

Test Records and Certificates saved in PDF format

Your clients get the same PDF document they are used to, stored and backed up securely on Mashoom

NAWI, NSAI and ISO9001 audited

Clients using the Mashoom system for their data collection process have been audited on multiple occasions. They've been highly praised for the control standardisation of their process.

Covers Classes I, II, III and IIII

... and anything else! Our powerful form template builder means we can digitise almost any data collection and PDF generation workload.

Build A History

Track the calibration history, status and physical location of scales. This means you can tell clients when they need a new calibration, or know what to expect if you re-inspect a site.

Reporting and Export

Interrogate your data and produce a wide range of reports. These reports can be viewed in our report generator or downloaded into Excel.

testimonial face

“BDC appointed Mashoom to develop a complete digital Class 111 scale testing and certification administration system so that we could move from a paper-based to paper-less operation for our customers.

Whilst the system was based on an existing platform run by Mashoom we were delighted with the templates and modifications made to make it suit our very discrete requirements.

After over 18 months running the system with over 5000 scale verifications and three annual audits completed within the United Kingdom and the EU (Republic of Ireland) - NAWI, NSAI and ISO - passing the system with some commenting on seeing ‘best practice’ in operation. NAWI, NSAI and ISO9001 audited"

Simple Onboarding

Send Us Your Document Template

This is the document that you want to fill in in a digitised way


A session where you explain how your document works, and the workflow to fill it in

Testing and Deployment

We will setup your document and workflow on Mashoom. You can test this, tweak it with our help, and start using it!

Contact Us For A Demo Today

James will get in contact with you and arrange a date whereby we can show you what we have to offer.

Our ethos is to be straightforward, no nonsense and honest. We will show you what our software can do and give you an idea of pricing, so you can make an informed decision as to whether we are right for you.

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